Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dreams of a Socialist America

Written by:
Michael Savage
Narrated by:
Pete Larkin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2012
10 hours 29 minutes
Trickle Down Tyranny is the single book you need to stop Obama's emerging dictatorship before we lose all of our constitutional, God-given rights. These pages show you the dangerous laws and powergrabs of the Obama administration … and what we can do to stop this leftist gang from seizing another term in office.

Will President Obama transform the greatest engine of freedom the world has ever known into a Stalin-like regime? Trillions in new debt. His solution? Print more money, crippling American taxpayers and our children with unlimited debt. He's hobbled the most powerful military in the world, rendering us unable to maintain our advanced weapons and technological advantages over the enemies at our gates. And what does Obama do as Iran spews genocidal dictates? He continues to push a ''diplomatic'' solution.

Obama is transforming us into a second-class nation, with communists and Islamists given free rein to expand their power. As Obama accrues power with little opposition and his oppression creeps down from the top, the American people must stop the tyranny!
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Derick C.

Great book as always by Dr. Savage but my only criticism is that I wish it were narrated by him personally.

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