Written by:
Max Brand
Narrated by:
Lucy Fletcher

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2019
7 hours 6 minutes
Trailin'! is a western novel by Max Brand. Excerpt from the book: 'Take off the blinder,' he ordered. 'Look here, lad, I know this hoss. The minute the blinder's off he'll up on his hind legs and bash you into the floor with his forefeet.' 'Let him go,' growled one of the cowboys. 'He's goin' to hell making a gallery play.' But taking the matter into his own hands Woodbury snatched the coat from the head of the stallion, which snorted and reared up. There was a shout from the man, not a cry of dismay, but a ringing battle yell. He leaped forward, jerking down on the bridle reins with all the force of his weight and his spring. The horse, caught in mid-air, as it were, came floundering down on all fours again. Before he could make another move, Woodbury caught the high horn of the saddle and vaulted up to his seat. It was gallantly done and in response came a great rustling from the multitude; there was not a spoken word, but every man was on his feet.
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