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Touch of Wrath

Written by:
Autumn Reed
Narrated by:
Hayden Bishop

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
7 hours 49 minutes
They won't get away with this.

The last words I spoke before his casket was lowered into the ground have become a way of life. The Collectors stole too much from me, and I won't rest until vengeance is mine.

But plotting against an organization built on secrecy and coercion is more challenging than I anticipated. In order to make headway, unexpected alliances are formed, and existing relationships are tested.

With the Psych Squad by my side, I'm determined to follow through on my promise. But that kind of resolve doesn't come without a price.

Even as my feelings for Stowe, Noah, and Jameson grow, I continue putting their lives at risk. And by the time I realize I'm in danger of losing myself, it might be too late to stop what I've set in motion.

My name is Adele Rose, and I know nothing but wrath.

Contains mature themes.
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