Tom Clancy Red Winter

Written by:
Marc Cameron
Narrated by:
Scott Brick

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
12 hours 37 minutes
In this previously untold adventure, a young Jack Ryan goes behind the Iron Curtain to seek the truth about a potential Soviet defector in the most shocking entry in Tom Clancy's #1 New York Times bestselling series.


A top secret F117 aircraft crashes into the Nevada desert. The Nighthawk is the most advanced fighting machine in the world and the Soviets will do anything to get their hands on its secrets.

In East Berlin, a mysterious figure contacts the CIA with an incredible offer—invaluable details of his government’s espionage plans in return for asylum.

It’s an offer they can’t pass up…if it’s genuine, but the risks are too great to blindly stumble into a deal. With the East German secret police closing in, someone will have to go to behind the Berlin Wall to investigate the potential defector. It’s a job Deputy Director James Greer can only trust to one man--Jack Ryan.

Ryan is a former Marine and a brilliant CIA analyst who’s been the architect of some of the CIA’s biggest coups but this time he’s in enemy territory with a professional assassin on his tail. Can he get the right answers before the Cold War turns into a Red Winter?
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Damian C.


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John Rav

It was great to have a new story capturing the Ryan , Clark and Foley early years. Their friendship and bond helps keep the present Jack Ryan and Jack Ryan, JR series moving forward. As always Scott Brick is the voice of the Ryan universe . He is awesome!

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Myles C.

Being that this is written by Marc Cameron and not Tom Clancy, the characters don’t have the same “feel” as the Tom Clancy books. The villains are all one dimensional and not the multifaceted, flawed, or misguided characters Tom Clancy would write. The story feels like it was written for the express purpose of being put to film and not to be a fine addition to the Jack Ryan story line.

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Jimmy J.

Very suspenseful

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Gregory G.

Well written. Well narrated.

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Sandra S.

Good so far.

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