Three Stories By Mark Twain The McWilliamses And The Burglar

Written by:
Mark Twain
Narrated by:
Stuart Milligan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2011
0 hours 40 minutes
Three of Mark Twain’s classic short stories, originally broadcast in the ‘Afternoon Reading’ slot on BBC Radio 4 from 9 - 11 November 2010, to accompany the 'Autobiography of Mark Twain' (aired on ‘Book of the Week'). Read by Stuart Milligan. Twain’s classic short stories, with their familiar trademarks of high farce and droll insight, bring us eccentric burglars, cossetted children, and a visitor to a theme park obsessed with the making of mocassins. And also torrents of water... ‘The McWilliamses and The Burglar Alarm’: Surely their home would be better off with a state of the art security device - if it works, that is... ‘The Experience of the McWilliamses with Membranous Croup’: A strange fever is afflicting the neighbourhood, just as little Penelope begins to cough. Though the reason is hardly clear cut... ‘Niagara’: Hooray, it's a day trip to those intrepid Falls, to tramp exciting trails and meet some friendly Red Indians. But the best laid plans... Read by Stuart Milligan and produced by Duncan Minshull.
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