The Three Sisters: The Diary

Written by:
Anne Thorogood
Narrated by:
Katherine Fenton
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
17 hours 16 minutes
The Three Sisters is a terrifically romantic Cinderella story about daring to believe in yourself, your family and love.

Maya's life is in ruins. She is broke and grieving the loss of her mother. When her father suddenly reveals to her that her biological father is the rich businessman and 'travel king', Axel Kildes√łe, who has two other daughters as well, her life is turned upside down. Does her new family even want her?
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Robyn C.

Although a lengthy story, it unfolded well and became compulsive listening. As a NZer, the attempt at a New Zealand accent hurt my ears. Apart from that, thoroughly enjoyable. Look forward to #2 in the series.

I enjoyed the story. I really appreciate all the details.

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Slow to start. But when it finally did was an ok story. A bit disjointed. Just when you think the MFC is going to finally act her 27 years, she turns back in to a 15 year old girl. A decent easy read to pass time. Good narration.

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I loved this book!

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Good reading. No surprises as most of it is given away in the beginning. Very predictable.

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Cheryl Keeney

Very enjoyable

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Elaine B.

This turned out to be a good story...

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I enjoyed the book!

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