Those Who Wait

Written by:
Haley Cass
Narrated by:
Lori Prince

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
21 hours 6 minutes
Sutton Spencer's ideas for her life were fairly simple: finish graduate school and fall in love. It would be a lot simpler if she could pinpoint exactly what she should do when she graduates in less than a year. Oh, and if she could figure out how to talk to a woman without feeling like a total mess, that would be great too.

Charlotte Thompson is very much the opposite. She's always had clear steps outlining her path to success with no time or inclination for romance. Her burgeoning career in politics means everything to her and she's not willing to compromise it for something as insignificant as love. Fleeting, casual, and discreet worked perfectly fine.

When they meet through a dating app, it's immediately clear that they aren't suited for anything more than friendship. Right?

Contains mature themes.
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Amazing book! Well written. The kind of book you wish they would make a movie out of. It’s cute, sexy, funny and romantic.

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Noah Mariën

Beautiful work, it kept my interest with every word! feeling every emotion the characters felt, i even had a little tear escaping at times ;) The narration was equally as good as the story itself, making it even more captivating to listen as it already was.

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Samantha B.

I really loved this story. It’s long, as everyone mentions, but it doesn’t feel drawn out or bogged down by unnecessary scenes. The flow is easy and by the time the end came I found myself wishing there were another 20 hours to listen to. I must also point out the alternating POVs. I normally don’t enjoy flipping between characters as I tend to feel bored with the repeating information but Haley Cass does a wonderful job of moving forward with the next part of the story while still filling in the gaps. It was very refreshing to read. The only negative I had was with the narrator. I really loved Lori’s pace and tone with Sutton and Charlotte. But it was her voicing of the male characters that was like nails on a chalkboard for me. Not enough to make me not thoroughly enjoy this story but enough that it took me out of the moment more than a few times. Either way, I love this and I’ve already started it over and bought the paper copy. Cannot recommend it enough.

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Great read! Talented writer and narrator. Appreciate the character development, back stories, and women’s empowerment. Also appreciate the realistic and captivating NSFW descriptions. Did not disappoint!

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Lisa I.

Well written and I found myself very invested in the story. I want to know how the rest of their life goes.

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I love everything about it!

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So great! The story, the voice acting.. I mean.. utter brilliance. Why aren’t people fighting over the rights to make this a film? ;-) I need to listen to it again straight away. Love, Love, Love!

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