This Delicious Death

Written by:
Kayla Cottingham
Narrated by:
Sophie Amoss

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
8 hours 30 minutes
This summer is going to get gory.

Two years ago, a small percentage of the population underwent a transformation known as the Hollowing. Those affected were only able to survive by consuming human flesh. The people who went without quickly became feral, turning on their
friends and family. Luckily, scientists were able to create a synthetic version of human meat that would satisfy their hunger. As a result, humanity slowly began to return to normal.

Cut to Zoey, Celeste, Valeria, and Jasmine, four hollow girls living in Southern California. As a last hurrah before graduation, they attend a musical festival in the heart of the desert. They have a cooler filled with seltzer, vodka, and Synflesh
… and are ready to party.

But on the first night of the festival, Val goes feral and ends up killing and eating a boy in one of the bands. As other festival guests start disappearing around them, the girls soon discover someone is targeting people like them. If they can’t figure
out how to stop it, and soon, no one at the festival is getting out alive.
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