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The Thimble Shoppe: A Prairie Creek Romance

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
4 hours 12 minutes
A small-town girl, her wounded lumberjack, and an inbox full of warm memories make for this charming sweet romance from USA Today bestseller, Elizabeth Bromke.

When Mabel Ryerson opens her social media to find a friend request from her grandmother, the seamstress’s simple life screeches to a halt.

Grandma Betty died two years ago.

Mabel suspects the old account must have been hacked. Still, curious to a fault, the thirty-something wants to go home to investigate. But her fiance forbids it. Relations are strained among Mabel’s family, and her groom-to-be thinks it’s better that she focus on her new life, away from Prairie Creek and its memories and secrets.

Griffin Dempsey is poised to join his dad at the helm of his family’s logging company. Until the senior Dempsey decides to retire in the tropics. But when Griffin’s father offers the whole shebang to his son, Griffin hesitates. After all, what is the company with its lovable father-son duo working together? Griffin starts the process of closing up shop, but he’s stuck. There’s a reclusive investor who still sits on the company’s board, and he isn’t budging. Griffin would confront the guy, if Old Man Ryerson weren’t related to the one who got away.

Can old wounds turn into second chances? Or will Mabel walk down the aisle with someone who isn’t part of her painful past? The Thimble Shoppe is a sweet, small-town, second-chance romance set in the simple world of Prairie Creek.

Take a trip to the heartlands and fall in love with the townspeople of Prairie Creek in this romantic, Americana-inspired series, where nostalgia for yesteryear meets the modern wonders of today.

These stories are best enjoyed in order:

Book 1: The Country Cottage

Book 2: The Thimble Shoppe

Book 3: A Homestead Holiday

Book 4: A Prairie Creek Christmas
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