Thankless in Death

Written by:
J. D. Robb
Narrated by:
Susan Ericksen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2013
13 hours 25 minutes
The year 2060 is drawing to a close, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s a time for loved ones to come together. But sometimes the deepest hatreds seethe within the closest relationships, and blood flows faster than water….For Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the NYPSD, the job is a useful reminder of what she has to be grateful for this season. Hosting Roarke’s big Irish family for the holiday may be challenging, but it’s a joyful improvement on her own dark childhood.Other couples aren’t as lucky as Eve and Roarke. The Reinholds, for example, are lying on the floor of their Downing Street apartment, stabbed and bludgeoned almost beyond recognition. Those who knew them are stunned—and even more heartbroken by the overwhelming evidence that they were murdered by their own son. Twenty-six-year-old Jerry hadn’t exactly made a good impression on all the bosses who fired him or the girlfriend who dumped him—but they didn’t think he was capable of this.Turns out Jerry is not only capable of brutality but taking a liking to it. With the money he’s stolen from his parents, and a long list of grievances, he intends to finally make his mark on the world. Eve and her team already know the who, how, and why of this murder. What they need to pinpoint is where Jerry’s going to strike next.
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Carrie H.

Intense book, the most grapghic so that I've read. Good story, just brutal.

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Julie J.

As usual, another intriguing story told by JD Robb. Loved the storyline!

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Jennifer W.

I love all of JD Robb’s books but this by far was my favorite!

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Tracie S.

Love these books! I read for enjoyment and the fact that their is a happy married couple in spite of hard backgrounds and wealthy plays right into my fantasies.. letting them stay this way keeps me coming back for more! The characters are all well written and the authors way of keeping it just funny enough while suspenseful at the same time is worth the read! Too much detailed love making for my taste but still a great series of books!! The reader has gotten better with every book does a good job with all the different characters!!

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JoAnn Dolan

Great story line and plot. The narrator has read all of the books in death series and does a fantastic job.

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Marina Frey

This narrator was, hands down, the best I've come across. The story was full of fascinating details and the author told a story that will definitely stick with me for years to come, but the narrator was the one to really bring this story to life!!!!

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