Terminus Rising

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
5 hours 24 minutes
A universe on the verge of collapse . . . A desperate race for survival . . . Ancient truths finally revealed . . .

While Adam Cain and his team are on a desperate mission to stop the creature Te'moc from a deadly encounter with Summer Rains and her evil phantom presence, J'nae, we learn more about how everything that has transpired over the past three billion years has been leading to this moment.

This is the full story of the immortal mutant genius Panur . . . Of how the ancient Aris led the ravenous horror of the Sol-Kor to the Milky Way . . . And how billions of years of genetic manipulation has the universe facing the brink of annihilation . . .

The future of existence now rests squarely on Adam's shoulders.

The stakes have never been higher or the consequences for failure more dire. Is the alien with an attitude up to the challenge?

Terminus Rising is an eye-opening, ah-ha moment of startling revelation. A thrilling race to save . . . everything. A space-opera adventure of epic proportions.

Like all the novels in The Human Chronicles Saga, this is a full frontal breathtaking sci-fi adventure, along with all the wry humor and sharp banter that fans have come to expect.
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