Ten Caesars: Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine

Written by:
Barry Strauss
Narrated by:
Arthur Morey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
12 hours 54 minutes
Bestselling classical historian Barry Strauss delivers “an exceptionally accessible history of the Roman Empire…much of Ten Caesars reads like a script for Game of Thrones” (The Wall Street Journal)—a summation of three and a half centuries of the Roman Empire as seen through the lives of ten of the most important emperors, from Augustus to Constantine.

In this essential and “enlightening” (The New York Times Book Review) work, Barry Strauss tells the story of the Roman Empire from rise to reinvention, from Augustus, who founded the empire, to Constantine, who made it Christian and moved the capital east to Constantinople.

During these centuries Rome gained in splendor and territory, then lost both. By the fourth century, the time of Constantine, the Roman Empire had changed so dramatically in geography, ethnicity, religion, and culture that it would have been virtually unrecognizable to Augustus. Rome’s legacy remains today in so many ways, from language, law, and architecture to the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. Strauss examines this enduring heritage through the lives of the men who shaped it: Augustus, Tiberius, Nero, Vespasian, Trajan, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, Septimius Severus, Diocletian, and Constantine. Over the ages, they learned to maintain the family business—the government of an empire—by adapting when necessary and always persevering no matter the cost.

Ten Caesars is a “captivating narrative that breathes new life into a host of transformative figures” (Publishers Weekly). This “superb summation of four centuries of Roman history, a masterpiece of compression, confirms Barry Strauss as the foremost academic classicist writing for the general reader today” (The Wall Street Journal).
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a lesson to today's politicians and leaders not to succumb to mediocrity but clear goals and policies to guide the global populations and keep order and discipline

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Stefany T.

It’s a wonderful way to learn the history. Written and read in an entertaining manner.

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Jonathan P.

Too slow and a little all over the place

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Robert H.

Boring. I don't understand why adult men in this day and age still excuse substantial evidence of homosexuality as otherwise heterosexual diversity. That any evidence exists at all is phenomenal regarding an issue that has historically been subject to punishment and death and has been driven into hiding and subterfuge.

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Gord L.

Excellently written & narrated, so much happening I need to read it again - fascinating piece of history.

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