Tempted by the Bosshole

Tempted by the Bosshole

Written by:
Shayla Black
Narrated by:
Jason Clarke
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
5 hours 15 minutes
A Forbidden Age-gap, Pretend Relationship, Office Romance

Will he embrace revenge . . . or his most forbidden temptation?

I'm Bella. After my father's mysterious disappearance, I'm all alone. Broke and homeless, I'm forced to quit school and find a job.

In desperation, I turn to my dad's gorgeous business partner and best friend, Nathan Price.

I had a forbidden crush on him as a girl. Now, my potently sexy boss looks at me like a woman. And when he touches me . . . I can't resist giving him my body-or my heart.

But once I learn Daddy's dark secrets, can I trust that Nathan wants me for more than revenge?

Contains mature themes.
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