The Tangled Treasure Trail: A 1920s Mystery

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
8 hours 3 minutes
Wild parties, high-speed treasure hunts, and a string of murders to investigate – what a perfectly normal weekend for a seventy-five-year-old lord. England, 1926. After a wealthy industrialist is found dead on a treasure hunt with the Bright Young People of London, the renowned detective, Lord Edgington, and his loyal grandson, Christopher, suspect foul play and sign up for the next speedy chase across the city. When a second body is found, shot through the heart in the centre of Westminster, the mismatched duo set off on the trail of a killer.

One victim is old and rich, the other young and poor, but could the jazz-and-drink-fuelled parties of the infamous Gargoyle Club link the apparently unrelated figures? Greed, espionage, wartime valour, fast cars, aristocrats and bohemians come crashing together in Lord Edgington’s most mind-boggling case yet. Will you be able to unravel The Tangled Treasure Trail before the seasoned detectives?

The fifth entry in the bestselling “Lord Edgington Investigates…” series of classic whodunnits is filled with twists and surprises from the first page to the last.

Narrated by George Blagden from the TV shows Vikings and Versailles and the Oscar-winning film Les Miserables.

I love this series but I found this one a bit hard to follow. Narrator is such fun and Christopher always amuses me. Don’t skip it in the series!

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Bonnie J B.

I love this series but this one's a little dark for me, brought tears to my eyes!!

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