Taming a Bad Boy

Written by:
V.L. Silva
Narrated by:
Kayla Grant , Jameson Adams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
5 hours 8 minutes
Ireland Steinburgen is absolutely determined to never love again. Happy endings only exist in fairytales, and she’s tired of being let down over, and over, and over again. The one common denominator? Men. Now that she’s moved her life from
her small Southern hometown all the way to the big city of San Francisco, she’s convinced she can make it in life, blissfully happy in her singledom. Of course, she’d be an awful lot happier if she could get a handle on her temper and hold
down a job. Which is how she ends up interviewing to be the assistant to the CEO of McKnight Industries. But when Zach McKnight, billionaire playboy extraordinaire, steps through his office door and straight into her rollercoaster of a life, Ireland’s faced with the biggest challenge of
her lifetime: resisting the charms of a talented bedfellow, well versed in the art of unclothing beautiful women. She’s strong, a born and bred Southern belle. She can be the perfect assistant to Mr. McKnight and keep him firmly in his place and out of her bed. Right?
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