Tail, Dark and Handsome: Celestial Mates: Celestial Mates

Tail, Dark and Handsome: Celestial Mates: Celestial Mates

Written by:
Nancey Cummings
Narrated by:
Jay Alder
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
11 hours 23 minutes
Mari has terrible taste in men.Her ex-fiance? Left her at the altar and ran off with her money. And now she’s mixed up with the reclusive mega-rich, mega-hot alien, Winter Cayne.

That doesn’t sound so bad.

Only rumor claims Winter murdered his first wife. Mari can’t reconcile the stories of a possessive, jealous man and the protective single dad that she met on a tropical planet. He wants to bring her home and claim her as his mate.

With the mystery surrounding the death of his first wife, can Mari risk being wife #2?Winter lives with shadows and secrets until a human female who is relentless optimism and pure sunshine crashes into his life.

His kit needs a mother and he needs a mate to rehabilitate his public image. She needs to pay off a notorious money lender.

One year and he’ll let her leave.

He lied.
Tail, Dark and Handsome is a standalone book, although some old friends pay a visit. It has a HEA, no cheating, danger, a grumpy single dad with zero chill, a kit too smart for his own good, and a woman with a heart big enough to make them a family.
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