Swing Trading: A Comprehensive Guide of the Best-Proven Strategies to Start Making Profits Investing in the Financial Markets with Options, Futures, and Stocks

Written by:
Mark Zone
Narrated by:
Alexander Penny

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
2 hours 51 minutes
If you’ve ever wondered how people make a living out of the markets trading futures, stocks, and options, then you’re in luck. Welcome to the wonderful world of swing trading.
Swing Trading opens up the world to you in a way few trading books do. Dispensing with fluff and circumspect, it will dig into the world of trading and show you exactly what needs to be done to see your account grow every week.
Taking listeners from the basics of the market and understanding how prices move, to begin with, we’ll then dive down and show you two powerful systems for figuring out what you want to trade so that you can easily navigate the complex world of the markets.
In this book, you’ll learn:
- The million-dollar pattern
- Steps to forecast future moves (Markets move because of psychology and information. In two chapters, we’ll show you how people capitalize on both to figure out if the markets are going up or down)
- The number one rule all traders use (In over 1,000 books, every trader, regardless of what they trade and how they trade, say the same thing - you’ll find out what that is)
- The seven principles to trading (Find out what profitable traders do that the average person doesn’t, so that you don’t make the same mistakes)
The markets are big and complicated and difficult to navigate, but they don’t have to be. This book will show you the few steps to clearing away the fog and taking better control of the market. Scroll up and Get Your Copy Now!
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Bob C.

The first part of the book teaches the knowledge needed to more successfully swing trade. The remainder of the book discusses tools and strategies to swing trade that I am now applying since I need to transition from day trading due to the time required. I really like the way it is written...just like a good sermon. Each chapter tell the reader what they are going to learn, teaches them, then summarizes the key points.

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