Sweet Obsession

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
11 hours 54 minutes
From the moment PR whiz Jack Sullivan laid eyes on Noelle Kramer, he is consumed by the tenacious beauty, but his dark past and fear of not being worthy prevent him from pursuing her. When the opportunity presents itself for Jack to finally obtain what he desires above all else, he seizes it; consequences be damned.

Noelle Kramer has been in love with Jack Sullivan since their first meeting four years ago, but there's only one problem: he doesn't seem to know she's alive. When a troubled ex resurfaces, threatening to destroy her life and her family's reputation, she turns to Jack to 'fix' it. His solution is wildly outrageous . . . absolutely ludicrous . . . ridiculously implausible . . . and everything she's ever yearned for. With no other options and time running out, Noelle takes Jack up on his offer; after all, she has nothing to lose . . . except her heart and soul.

From the concrete jungle of New York City to the lush, Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, join this unlikely couple as they, along with friends and family, take you on an unforgettable journey of life, love, laughter, and forgiveness.

Contains mature themes.
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Holly Leach

I struggled with this book. I think the characters were nicely developed. it was funny, frustrating at times, and overall enjoyable. However, I did not love it. The authors details of clothing and food were a little over the top. Recalling memories in the midst of the current story was easy to follow, but I felt there was too much of the other characters relationships. You're reading then, BAM, the author is setting up her next book.?? As a black woman, I get tired of hearing white men in novels using the phrase " brown sugar". NOT ONE single person has an issue with an interracial couple... in the South?? That was a shocker!

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The story was intriguing but I disliked both narrators accents. It was very cringe

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Honey T.

All 5 stars for Narration goes to Sean Crisden as he's brilliant at accents, his Southern Spanish one was outstanding. I wish he'd narrated the entire book as he was all that was needed! Morae Brehon is terrible at accents, and I don't understand why this wasn't noticed in the editing of the audiobook. The ending was pretty weak, but overall the book was decent enough and since I'm mixed race with a child by a white man I like books that mirror my life in some way.

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The story is OK but the narrative jumps in time quite a bit and the narrators don't help make this clear. Sometimes I had to listen back to understand it. The book does a good job of introducing a range of characters who will be the focus of future books. However there were times in this which felt uncomfortable in terms of the dynamic between people.

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