Sustained: Creating a Sustainable House Through Small Changes, Money-Saving Habits, and Natural Solutions

Written by:
Candice Batista
Narrated by:
Ej Lavery

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
8 hours 48 minutes
Help Save Our Planet with Money-Saving Sustainable Tips for Your House

Households are among the biggest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Could the secrets of saving the environment (and money) be closer to home than we thought?

Looking for easy, budget-friendly ways to reduce your environmental impact and save money? Authored by award-winning environmental journalist, Candice Batista, Sustained takes you on an eye-opening journey towards sustainability and eco-friendly living-starting at home. This step-by-step, eco-living guide offers simple yet powerful ways to turn each room in your home into a hub of sustainability, while pocketing impressive savings every step of the way.

Small changes, big impact. Starting with a deep dive into how our actions at home impact the planet, Sustained offers a practical suite of never-before-seen tools and solutions to initiate the shift towards a greener lifestyle-without draining your time, energy, or budget.

Environmentally conscious listeners of sustainability books like Simply Living Well, The Backyard Homestead Bible, or Sustainable Minimalism, will love Candice Batista's Sustained.
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