Survival of the Furriest

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2021
2 hours 37 minutes
Welcome back to Camp Mwhaaa-Haa-Ha-A-Watha Evil Scientist Summer Camp is almost over!
This is my last chance to show my epic evil awesomeness and prove to everyone that I totally deserve the Evil Emperor of the Week crown! Luckily, this week’s Evil Celebrity Judge is Dr. Cyberbyte (the Evil Cybernetic Mega Millionaire
Inventor), who just gave an interview in Evil Scientist magazine about his plan to make sure every evil scientist has an evil sidekick pet!
My fierce evil vampire pet, Fang, and I are gonna impress Dr. Cyberbyte so much that he will probably award us two crowns: one giant golden pointy one for me and a kitten-size one for Fang (with a strap so she can’t pull it off ). Fang and I
are gonna kick some cyber-butt! Mwhaaaa-haaa-haa-haaa-haaa!
the Great and Powerful Mark
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