Spectrum of Magic - The Complete Volume: Spectrum of Lies

Spectrum of Magic - The Complete Volume: Spectrum of Lies

Written by:
D.N. Leo
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2017
21 hours 8 minutes
Magic brings them together. Now magic is tearing them apart.

The childhood sweethearts left their homeland to be together. They have left magic behind, but when the paranormal world gives them no choice, they fight back and send the supernatural world into chaos.

Computer hacker Lorcan can steal data from the most impossible of sources. High profile thief Orla specializes in acquiring valuable antiques. Their combined skill set twists their fate and leads them to incredible places across the multiverse.

This is an urban fantasy thriller series, filled with paranormal and science fiction twists and turns!

* Note: Spectrum of Magic series previously published as Spectrum of Lies which includes White Curse, Blue Fox, Indigo Stone and Red Moon.

Complete Surge of Magic Series

Book 1: Spell Breaker

Book 2: Fate Shifter

Book 3: Cursed Stoned

Book 4: Magic Unborn

Book 5: Libra - Spectrum of Magic - Epilogue
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