The Supernatural Companions

The Supernatural Companions

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
3 hours 15 minutes
At these supernatural academies, romance is enchanting and friendship is magical.

Become immersed in a world where magic is around every corner. In this short story collection, witches battle ghosts, fae hunt monsters, and elementals discover mythical creatures at magical schools where danger lurks in the shadows. Break out of a supernatural prison and fall in love, all while seeking adventure at paranormal universities in tales that are both funny and full of heart!

This anthology includes never-before-seen shorts told from the viewpoints of your favorite Hidden Legends characters, although reading the Hidden Legends novels first is not necessary to enjoy these thrilling stories! This short story collection includes the following tales:

- The Hidden Forest (Academy of Magical Creatures, Imogen and Jonah’s perspective)
- The Secret Passage (Academy of Magical Creatures, Imogen and Jonah’s perspective)
- The Silver Crown (University of Sorcery, Odette and Theo’s perspective)
- The Music Box (College of Witchcraft, Talia and Grant’s perspective)
- The Midnight Breakout (Prison for Supernatural Offenders, Kallie and Marcus’ perspective)

Discover the magic and read The Supernatural Companions today!

Nice. I really enjoyed this

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Cat Lover

I recommend it

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Amota21 Y.

love it awesome thank you

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A solid presentation of squeaky cuteness.

Profile Avatar
Kimmie C.

awesome book, need to find more like it

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Liked the female narrator but when the male narrator the use of profanity did not flow

Profile Avatar
Lee M.

Might be good for a 10 year old girl

Profile Avatar
Diane J.

Started out fine with the girl but the profanity was to much.

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These stories have potential. But I don’t like how the characters seem like idiots. Not for me.

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Desma B.

The girl was great. the guy not so much.

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Great book

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