Super Secret Super Spies: Guardians of the Future

Written by:
Max Mason
Narrated by:
Taylor Meskimen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
6 hours 13 minutes
James Ponti's City Spies meets Stuart Gibbs's Spy School in this fun, action-packed sequel that follows young inventor and secret Illuminati spy Maddie on a thrilling new adventure.

Super spies reporting for duty! When Maddie Robinson and her team are assigned a new super secret mission to protect the world’s most famous pop star from a mysterious foe, she knows she’ll need every tool available. That’s when she discovers a secret buried deep within the Illuminati’s archives: a device that can predict the future, invented by renowned Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci himself!

The only problem? This future predictor has been lost for centuries.

With a villain at large, finding the device becomes more important—and personal—than ever, and the super spies’ search takes them all over Europe. Will Maddie and her friends be able to save the day once again?

Filled with gadgets, secret codes, and clandestine adventures, this story is perfect for fans of Dan Gutman’s Genius Files and Michael Buckley’s NERDS.
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