Super Powereds: Year 3 (3 of 3) [Dramatized Adaptation]: Super Powereds 3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
7 hours 31 minutes
'Junior year has come for the remaining students of Melbrook Hall, and it promises to be the most difficult one yet. With one of their own gone and another under serious investigation, none of the former Powereds knows how many days remain for them in the Hero Certification Program.
The time they do have will be filled with more trials and classes, honing their skills as they work toward the increasingly difficult goal of becoming Heroes. Ample new challenges await them, and not all of them can be met on the safety of Lander’s campus. Fallout from last year’s final exam has stirred the interest of many parties, not all of them friendly.
With enemies pressing in from all directions, it’s going to take new alliances, dedication, and countless hours of training if they want to last another year.
Performed by Jonathan Lee Taylor, Rana Kay, Robb Moreira, Zeke Alton, Holly Adams, Darius Johnson, James Konicek, Matthew Bassett, Megan Poppy, Dan Delgado, Ken Jackson, Joel David Santner, Wyn Delano, Matthew Schleigh, Julienne Irons, James Lewis, Kay Eluvian, Chris Davenport, Yasmin Tuazon, James J. Johnson, Tanja Milojevic, Rob McFadyen, Rayner Gabriel, Torian Brackett, Andy Clemence, Nora Achrati, Natalie Van Sistine, Steven Carpenter, Chris Stinson, John Kielty, Christopher Graybill, Terence Aselford, Mark Harrietha, Henry W. Kramer, Jessica Lauren Ball, Carolyn Kashner, Rick Rohan, Marni Penning, Bradley Foster Smith, Colleen Delany, David Zitney, and Michael John Casey.'
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