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The Sunset Job

Written by:
Max Walker
Narrated by:
Iggy Toma

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
6 hours 24 minutes
Wyatt Hernandez is working a dead-end tech job at the Miami Science Museum, struggling to support himself and his sister. An expulsion from Yale University made him largely unemployable and left him uninspired and utterly lost.

Roman Ashford is working different 'jobs' and raking in the cash. But one job promises the biggest reward yet. In order to complete it, he has to assemble a crew: the Rainbow's Seven.

Roman is at six out of the seven when he goes to Wyatt for help, knowing how skilled the freckled-face man is behind a computer. He explains it's a heist that would have them traveling the world, promising riches beyond belief.

If they succeed.

It might have been an easy choice for Wyatt, if only Roman hadn't been the primary reason behind his expulsion-along with being his first and only love.

Things grow more complicated when a rival group shows that they'll stop at nothing to finish the heist first. Suddenly, more than the success of the job is on the line. The crew will be put through a series of harrowing tests, and so will Roman and Wyatt's second-chance at a happily ever after.

Contains mature themes.
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