The Sum of All Fears

Written by:
Tom Clancy
Narrated by:
Scott Brick

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
38 hours 0 minutes
Against all odds we have made it into the last half of the 1990s. The Cold War looks solved, Arabs and Jews are talking, confrontation is on the wane. In this new harmony, one discord -- what becomes of unemployed terrorists?

You can bet they aren't going to retire quietly. Shunned by the Soviets, isolated by Middle Eastern realignment, one cadre hits on a scheme to jump-start the war machine. It's brilliant in its simplicity. With a single act they bring the world to nuclear boil. Jack Ryan and Dan Murray sweat to defuse a cataclysmic response.
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Sam S.

it was a very interesting read however somewhat tedious by the length and by the addition of a lot of detail that probably didn't need to be there. the narrator is excellent however.

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Andrew J.

Love all these books Scott Brick great narrator

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Nathan C.

Tom Clancy definitely lives up to the hype. He's most well known for his technical details and thorough research, and that's all here obviously. But more importantly, he writes WELl. I mean seriously well. He creates charachters and situations and puts the charachters in these situations and simple has the story unfond from there. As in, the characters drive the story and make decisions that are in line with what Clancy has established, so that we as the reader not only understand WHY they did what they did, but we can even feel a good deal of sympathy for them! Even the antagonists! I've been on a binge of Jack Ryan books here. I've been through Hunt for Red October, Cardinal of the Kremlin, Clear and Present Danger, and now this one. So far it's my favorite. But the experience us richest if you absorb them all. I do recommend getting the previous books done first before this one. It just makes Ryan all that much more likeable as a character.

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Arch N.

EXCELLENT as only Tom Clancy has done it. I drove across the continent from South to North and it made the miles disapear (ending in Anchorage). This was my second time listening to it as the first was in Afghanistan back when you could share the files. Very accurate description of equipment, weapons, technology, and information.

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I was listening to this for the second time. The first time was probably 25 years ago when it was in ‘Books On Tape!’ I am always amazed at how Clancy can tell so many stories that intertwine into explosive climax. Knowing the story I was a little impatient this time with the level of detail, but I really believe that is because I knew what was coming, The detail is actually nice!

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Travis M

Excellent book and superb narrator. He does an excellent job portraying the characters Tom Clancy created.

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John Beaulieu

A typical outstanding thriller by Tom Clancy that delivers an exciting tale, but from start to finish. The first third of the book may be setting the stage, but today's readers likely to not have the patience for his prolonged and verbose beginning. Despite this, the later two thirds are exciting and riveting.

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Jason Glenn

This was an outstanding classic Tom Clancy novel. Having seen the movie first, I was hesitant to proceedBut the movie does not follow the books plot line at all. The plot line for the novel is far superior. Unfortunately, this reticular recording is not well done. The narration was greatbut there are multiple editing errors that result in skipping large portions of the book. At one point, the story goes back and repeat an hour and a half all over again.

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