Strip Tease

Written by:
Carl Hiaasen
Narrated by:
George Wilson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2011
15 hours 13 minutes
No matter what you heard or thought about the movie version of Strip Tease, forget it. Film simply can't catch the layers of humor, satire, and imagination that author Carl Hiaasen creates in each of his novels. When a deranged Florida congressman falls for a gorgeous but virtuous stripper, he dedicates himself to pursuing this tasselled princess. Not only is she a real beauty, she's a damsel in distress. The effects of his quest will ripple through the spotlights of the strip joint, the sugar cane fields of south Florida, and some powerful political careers. Fueled by innocent lust and dizzy miscalculations, this story will keep you howling with surprise. George Wilson's colorful narration is the perfect vehicle for Carl Hiaasen's twisted fairy tale.
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Misty Davidson

I enjoyed this book... not the best book ever but also not a waste of time. I was hoping for more laughs. The last book I read from this author was hilarious. I'll read another one of his books eventually.

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