Street and Lane: A BBC Radio 4 comedy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
3 hours 43 minutes
Series 1 and 2 of the comedy about a pair of mismatched Yorkshire builders battling to save their business.

University dropout and would-be novelist Johnny Street and his worker-of-the-world mate Arthur Lane are the odd-couple partners in a one-horse, two-man family building firm (slogan: 'Up Your Street, Down Your Lane'). Together, they travel the Yorkshire suburbs in their white van, tackling tricky household repairs with their unique combination of art and craft.

No job is too small for the intrepid duo: although some are a little unusual, like the perilously perched piano on a music teacher's stairs, the mystery whiff in an infants' school and the faulty tenor bell in a church belfry. But armed with their trusty ladders and a bucketful of banter, they manage to deal with whatever problems come their way - until a break-in makes Johnny start thinking about the road less travelled...

Scripted by Ian McMillan and Dave Sheasby (The Blackburn Files), and suffused with their characteristic laconic humour, this wry, whimsical comedy stars Nick Lane and Shaun Dooley as Johnny Street and Fine Time Fontayne as Arthur Lane, with guest appearances from Geoffrey Whitehead, Stephen Hogan, Sandra Dickinson and Muzz Khan.

Production credits
Written by Ian McMillan and Dave Sheasby
Produced and directed by David Hunter

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 19 August-9 September 2005 (Series 1), 3-24 January 2007 (Series 2)

Johnny Street - Nick Lane/Shaun Dooley
Arthur Lane - Fine Time Fontayne
Christine - Becky Hindley
Tom - Richard Katz
Great Northern Man - Gerard McDermott
Mrs Priam-Rhodes - Margaret Robertson
Ben Nevis - Kenny Blyth
Tina - Hannah Storey
Sidney Sanderson - Geoffrey Whitehead
Alison - Bronwyn Lim
Shafto - John Banks
Stanley French - Stephen Hogan
The Rev. Susan - Claire Rushbrook
Madeleine - Sandra Dickinson
Charles - John Carlisle
Janet - Christine Kavanagh
John - Mark Straker
Franklin - Sam Dale
Julia - Rachel Atkins
Pete - Muzz Khan
Lucy - Bethan Walker

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