The Stranger: Book 1

Written by:
Claire S. Duffy
Narrated by:
Joanne Froggatt

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
9 hours 25 minutes
One year ago, a two year old child, Oskar, went missing from an apartment in Stockholm. His troubled mother is now held in a psychiatric hospital, found guilty of his murder by the court of public opinion. Former detective, Alex is haunted by the case. When a British family moves into the apartment and their toddler, Alfie, starts speaking with an 'imaginary friend', dad Fergus becomes increasingly terrified that he is losing his grip on sanity. He and Alex team up to investigate and are led into a labyrinth of lies and corruption. All the while, whatever is in the apartment has its sights on Alfie...
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Not really my kind of book I found it a bit boring

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Sherry L.

I stuck with it as I thought it was a slow burn……I wish I hadn’t. Dragged on and on with redundant characters and predictable who done it. narrator was good but the kids voice she done was irritating.

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Eric C.

You really could just skip this one. The author tries really hard to build suspense but the timeline is confusing. I also think the narrator should stop doing accents.

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elle nelson

spouse abuse, in front of children, let's see that's assault and battery, and 2 counts of child endangerment. seriously this is the worst.

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Delena M.

Was slow at first but picked up towards the middle

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Sheila B.

Very confusing between characters and time periods.

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Rebecca L.

The book is ok the plot gets better with time but the narrator screeches in little kid crying and it is overly annoying and ear piercing

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Great story, and one of the best narrations I've heard!

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