Stolen Desire

Stolen Desire

Written by:
Lauren Runow
Narrated by:
Lia Holland , Blake Lockheart
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
7 hours 17 minutes
One woman’s desire to explore her sexuality sets off a series of events that has her husband begging for answers.

Leilani Fleshman

Temptation lies behind every door. My neighbors make it very easy for me to spy on them as they embark on a lifestyle I can only dream of. One of passion and provocativeness. I’ve only desired one man—my gorgeous, heroic husband. Long gone are the days when he skimmed the inside of my thighs with his teeth. His heated stare has muted, and I’m determined to get it back. If only he’ll take my hand and knock on that door.

Clayton Fleshman

I’d do anything for my wife, including going to parties that I never thought I’d attend as long as we kept to one rule—we would not be with anyone else.

When actions go too far, the life I know is on the line, and I’m forced to defend myself to the public I serve. I’m being framed, but whoever has it out for me has underestimated one thing—the lengths I will go to in order to safeguard the woman I love. Her life is in danger, and only I can protect her because beyond the white picket fences and flowery facade, vows are forever, even when temptation is everywhere.
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