Still Left Out By the System

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
9 hours 48 minutes
Imagine being the only human left on an Earth occupied by monsters, aliens, and worse. Sounds terrible? Well . . . it's not so bad when you are an introverted battle junkie like me.

Honestly, I was almost starting to appreciate being left behind while everyone else was given the chance to prepare for the mess Earth had gotten itself into. On a side note, it turns out I'm pretty good at hunting monsters. Though dragons and such are a bit out of my league. Just a bit.

I survived dozen-something kobolds that wanted me dead, and now it's time to pay back their leader. Unfortunately for the poor doggies, I have made some allies. Allies they're gonna hate.

There's just one tiny detail that bothers me. My talking cat companion is hiding something. Something big. Something that has the potential to make deadly monsters the least of my worries . . .
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