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Steel Hearts: Lyndsey

Written by:
Dawn Chapman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
6 hours 36 minutes
Time to rendezvous: seven weeks. Failure imminent.

Lyndsey Collins is in a big damn hurry, she's on the wrong side of the galaxy—and running out of time.

Her primary mission—find Kyle Ranz—has been delayed and jeopardized by another equally important one: to capture a prototype mech that's guaranteed to wreak havoc in the Messa system.

On board the battleship Abyssinian, Lyndsey's loyalties to unexpectedfriends will be brutally tested against her resolve to get to Kyle. With every delay and detour, her good options all fade away like screaming into the vacuum of space.

And thanks to the mixed blessing of Future Insight, she knows that people are goingto die—and her choices will determine who.

Lyndsey faces insurmountable odds from threats both internal and external and shows all why she's earned her Steel Hearts.
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