Starsea Collection: The Starsea Cycle Books 1-3

Starsea Collection: The Starsea Cycle Books 1-3

Written by:
Kyle West
Narrated by:
Rob Brinkmann
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
36 hours 4 minutes
A mage's fate is worse than death...

Lucian dreams of a new life outside the cesspool of Earth. Unfortunately, his wish comes true when the government identifies him as a mage.

No one knows why the mages are being born. No one knows why their powers lead to madness and death. The only solution is to train them at the Academies, for them to serve the League of Worlds that subjugated them fifty years ago.

When Lucian is exiled from Earth, he must travel to the distant world of Volsung to receive training. During the long passage, he meets a mysterious mage. She prophesies he is marked by the Manifold, the reality that is the source of all magic. It is a destiny that requires him to master abilities he never imagined he possessed.

Trouble is brewing in the galaxy. An ancient alien menace has awoken, somehow connected with the return of magic to the stars. Lucian faces a terrible choice. To accept his new reality as a mage. Or, to try and outrun destiny...
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Marten (Rudy) Winn

Love these books! The first book is a freebie. After reading the first book I purchased four more. The narrator did a amazing job and definitely turned the story up by his voice changes to each character! Amazing Book, Amazing Narration! I love this story.

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Carol B.

I‘m glad I discovered this author and this series! What a bonus too: 3 Audios in one! The narration is great and the storyline suspenseful. I am totally looking forward to the next in the series!

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It's good.

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Dale L.

This would make an AMAZING video series! Kyle is killing it and has been for some time, he is quickly becoming one of my favorite fantasy writers. I am looking forward to the next several books in this series. Well done melding old school fantasy with science fiction! The narrator is also a favorite of mine, I have heard him in several other readings, an absolute professional!

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Tyler H.

It’s a great series. I’m looking fwd to the next book. The narrator does a great job of differentiate between characters with his vocal inflection. Highly recommended!

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Great series so far. Can’t wait for book 4

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I'm hooked. fun fantasy with a nice space twist. I enjoyed the development of the characters and the foreshadowing of the epic journey ahead.

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James W.

Iit nice find a book that makes me feel like I'm right in there

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Excellent narration!

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Pedro R.

good story

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