Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space: Books 1–3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
6 hours 43 minutes

The Escape

When the parents of Milo and Lina Graf are abducted by agents of the evil Empire, the children must undertake a perilous journey across the unknown reaches of Wild Space to rescue them—and to discover hope for the future.

The Snare

With their monkey-lizard, Morq, and their family droid, CR-8R, Milo and Lina fly their parents’ starship, the Whisper Bird, to the remote planet of Thune to ask an old friend for help. But the evil Captain Korda has set a trap for them! Will Milo and Lina be able to escape?

The Nest

After narrowly escaping Captain Korda’s evil clutches on Thune, Milo and Lina track the source of a rebel transmission to a remote jungle planet. But they are unaware of the dangers lying in wait. Will Milo and Lina be able to find the help they need?

The Heist

Still on the hunt for their kidnapped parents, Milo and Lina Graf head to Lothal in search of an ally. But when something precious is stolen from them, they have to embark on their most dangerous mission yet!
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Nathaniel M.

The first part of the Adventures in Wild Space series is perfectly fine. It's nothing that's going to engage older readers to the fullest extent, but it's perfect for the target audience and that's all you can ask for. But for those older readers and larger canon junkies, there are some neat tie-ins that I didn't expect. And as always, January Lavoy proves why she keeps getting work in Star Wars.

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