Star Born

Written by:
Andre Norton
Narrated by:
Mark F. Smith

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
6 hours 45 minutes
Andre Norton's "Star Born" pictures a human colony in another galaxy, driven away from Earth generations ago by a repressive government. Considered outlaws, the colonists are in permanent hiding.

They have developed friendship and cooperation with a local race of "mermen" who are equally at home on land or sea. But that race only took to the sea to escape a malevolent power that hunted them and killed them violently for sport - Those Others.

With a global decline in the population and reach of Those Others, contacts are few and the humans have no direct knowlege of them. So it is a major surprise when Dalgard, a human scout on his coming-of-age expedition, along with his "knife-brother" Sssuri of the mermen, run into a party of Those Others who are bent on reclaiming hideous weaponries left behind in one of their abandoned cities... and find that they are being aided by new arrivals from Earth! (Summary by Mark F. Smith)"
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Frances L.

This book is a very enjoyable sci-fi. The entwined story lines were well written. I have read other books written by Andre Norton. She has never disappointed. The narrator’s delivery was excellent.

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John N.

good listen and interesting to hear

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Jordan Gottschalk

Conclusion- a let down. Lots of build up into noting,

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As always Norton writes a great book. And the narration was spot on.

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Penny E.

I liked it. The possible evolvement of telepathy in the human race is exciting especially if we could tune into the thoughts of animals.

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This Author is always entertaining, very predictable but still very entertaining.

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Jeannette C.

Great book, loved the story line. Whoever listen to it must remember when it was writen, don't judge by what we know now and consider "normal".

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Doc S.

That was a masterful journey, far past experience. This book ought to be required reading. Andre Norton has constructed a wholly believable world, and populated it with fascinating characters. In telling this story, Mark F. Smith does not disappoint. The sound quality is superb, the reading given with emotion and delicate clarity. I was enthralled, and so thoroughly impressed, that my only disappointment was that it had to end. Now, I will search for a sequel. If one exists, I can only hope it is narrated by Smith.

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The story was just ok. A little hard to follow.

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rex clark

Enjoyed the book

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Jeffrey R.

This book seemed like a mediocre attempt. The author has many great books out, this seemed liked it was phoned in.

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Happy to have found this author and story, I think from the golden age of sci-fi. Held my attention and had me invested in the characters, and it was free on audiobooks.

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Terry W.

This is classic sci-fi by the prolific “Grande Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy” and was published in 1957. It’s a good story well narrated. It was interesting that what should have been good, that all prejudice had been banned on Earth, was nearly fatal for the spacemen. When the pilot expresses his doubts about the aliens’ motives he is reprimanded for being prejudiced because the aliens are different and the captain places non-prejudice over common sense.

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Rod M.

I enjoyed this one. The end for me came surprisingly quick. Though it was good.

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