Stalking the Nightmare and Other Works

Written by:
Harlan Ellison
Narrated by:
Luis Moreno

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
20 hours 9 minutes
Stalking the Nightmare
Here you'll find twenty of his very best stories and essays (including the four-part 'Scenes from the Real World'), an anecdotal history of the doomed TV series, The
Starlost, he created for NBC; 'Tales from the Mountains of Madness'; and his hilariously brutal reportage on the three most important things in life: sex, violence, and labor relations.
Over the Edge
Amid the ruins of a world in which men become monsters, dreams turn to poison, and the only sanity lies in fantasy, these nine stories and three essays take you beyond the brink, to study the terrifying landscape charted by Harlan Ellison.
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