Sports Hypnosis: Improve your Performance and Achieve your Fitness Goals

Sports Hypnosis: Improve your Performance and Achieve your Fitness Goals

Written by:
Antonio Jaimez
Narrated by:
Jackson Anderson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
4 hours 41 minutes
Dare To Challenge Your Limits With Sports Hypnosis

The Frustration Of Not Reaching Your Potential

You're Probably In A Place Where You Feel Like You Can Give More Of Yourself In Sports, But Something Is Holding You Back From Reaching That Peak. You Feel Stuck, Frustrated And Confused. Perhaps You Find Yourself Pressed For Time And Demands, Facing Injuries, Anxieties, Mental Blocks Or Fears That Affect Your Performance And Your Enjoyment Of The Game.

Imagine Being On A Basketball Court, Ready To Shoot A Free Throw. Spectators Are Watching, Your Teammates Are Counting On You, But The Fear Of Missing Consumes You, Preventing Your Skills From Shining. This Is Where Sports Hypnosis Plays A Crucial Role.

Other Hypnosis Books May Not Be Enough

Perhaps You've Tried Reading Other Hypnosis Books Looking For Answers, But Most Of Them Don't Consider The Incredible Power Of The AI Neural Algorithm In Creating Powerful And Accurate Suggestions. Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Hypnosis Techniques Don't Work In The Long Run? The Reason Is Simple: Many Fail To Overcome Our Brain's Critical Factor In Directly Accessing The Subconscious.

For Example, Let's Say You Are Reading A Hypnosis Book To Treat Stage Fright. You Follow The Instructions To The Letter, But The Suggestions Seem To Bounce Off Your Mind Like Bullets Against A Steel Wall. The Problem Is Not You, But That The Suggestions Were Not Precisely And Effectively Designed To Get Through The Critical Factor In Your Mind.

The Difference Of This Book

This Book Is Different Because It Is Based On The Jaimez Method Of Self-Hypnosis, A Technique That Uses Artificial Intelligence To Design Highly Effective Suggestions That Resemble The Way The Subconscious Processes Information.
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