Spirits White as Lightning

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
15 hours 58 minutes
Set a trap for a sorcerer … without being trapped yourself!
Eric Banyon has settled into the New York whirl nicely: he's doing well at Juilliard, he's made a lot of new friends, he's defeated a lord of the Unseleighe Sidhe …
Or has he?
Aerune mac Audelaine, whose beloved was killed by mortal men, was determined to destroy the human race until Eric, with a little help from his new friends the Guardians, thwarted Aerune's plans and exposed the chemists whose designer
poison turned ordinary humans into zombie Mages. The human side of the threat is finished, but Aerune, like the rest of the Sidhe, has a long memory … and a lot of patience. He's also got Jeanette Campbell, former Threshold Black Ops, and the science behind the murder.
Can Eric stop Aerune's latest plan? Only if he finds out about it before it's too late, but between babysitting a visiting Healer, training a banjo-playing Bard, attending his daughter's Underhill Naming ceremony, dealing with a dragon—and trying to
survive summer school—Eric's got his hands full. Saving the world has never been more necessary—or come at a higher price.
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