Spells & Wishes & Gun

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
8 hours 20 minutes
What if all those fairy tales you learned as a child were true, with a twist? Turns out, the land of Ever After also has a dark underbelly of evil that's always trying to break out.

We would need a hero with a little firepower.

This is a different kind of bedtime story about a fairy godmother named Charlotte. She's not into changing pumpkins into carriages or granting wishes. There are no glass slippers or mice growing into coachmen.

This fairy carries a Glock 42 as an added accessory with her wand. It also packs a punch. Her job is to cover part of the realm of Ever After and keep it safe.

But something's gone wrong. Charlotte has been stranded in Cincinnati, Ohio. She's not alone. Worse, she's lost her handbook with all the spells.

An evil Prince bent on revenge, a Snow Queen with plans of her own, and a local detective trying to figure out what happened, are all on the same collision course. Where's the Fairy Godmother Handbook? Find the book, control the end of this fairytale.

Will anyone ever live happily in Ever After? Or is Cincinnati the place where dreams can really come true?
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