The Soul of London

Written by:
Ford Madox Ford
Narrated by:
Cori Samuel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2017
4 hours 57 minutes
'Most of us love places very much as we may love what, for us, are the distinguished men of our social lives. [...] We are, all of us who are Londoners, paying visits of greater or less duration to a Personality that, whether we love it or very cordially hate it, fascinates us all. And, paying my visit, I have desired to give some such record.

I have tried to make it anything rather than encyclopaedic, topographical, or archaeological. To use a phrase of literary slang I have tried to "get the atmosphere" of modern London -- of the town in which I have passed so many days; of the immense place that has been the background for so many momentous happenings to so many of my fellows.' - Summary by Ford Madox Ford, from the Introductory; 1905.
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I could not imagine a better narrator than Cori Samuel to read this book. Her rendition epitomizes the dour synicism of the author. He sees no good in anything or anyone. All seems to be doom and gloom, yet there is so much truth in his observations. A wide ranging essay on the human condition which is well worth a read.

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