Sons of War

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
12 hours 7 minutes
The explosive new Sons of War series is a harrowing and realistic depiction of what a second American Civil War and the aftermath might look like, from former Homeland Security Disaster Mitigation Officer and New York Times bestselling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith.

All empires eventually fall…The United States is no exception…And out of the embers, a lawless new empire will rise…

Across the world, the United States recalls troops to combat civil unrest after the biggest economic meltdown in history. Marine Sergeant Ronaldo Salvatore’s platoon comes home to a powder keg that could ignite a civil war.

While some see the coming collapse as the end, others see opportunity. Fleeing Naples after rival crime lords decimated his family, Don Antonio Moretti settles in Los Angeles to rebuild his criminal empire. But he is far from alone in his ambitions—the cartel and rival gangs all want the same turf, and they will sacrifice their own soldiers and the blood of innocents to get it.

As open warfare erupts across the states, Salvatore fights his way back to LA, where his son has joined the police in the battle for a city spiraling into anarchy. Family is everything, and the Morettis and Salvatores will do what they must to protect their own. But how far will they go to survive in a new economy where the only currency is violence?
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Great start to a new series, unique and full of action.

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Roger L.

Interesting mix of apocalypse, societal breakdown, crime lords and military. Well crafted story line(s).

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Casey Schultz

almost scary to listen to in today's political climate... although fiction, hits close to home

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