Sons of War 3: Sinners

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2021
12 hours 39 minutes
To fight evil, you must embrace evil.

The motto of Marine Sergeant Ronaldo Salvatore lives on in his son, Dominic, and his undercover team known as the Saints. With the support of LAPD Captain Zed Marks, the Saints embark on a mission to destroy the criminal organizations that have a stranglehold on Los Angeles.

Through brains, cunning, and sheer ruthlessness, the most powerful leader, Don Antonio Moretti, has risen from underdog to contender for the throne. He believes that only the Vega family of narcos stands in his way, but he has underestimated another underdog.

As the Morettis and Vegas slug it out, the Saints go outside the law to deliver the City of Angels from evil. In this three-way death match, the streets will run with blood before a victor ever emerges.
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Theodor P.

Great l thank you for the great entertainment you delivered another great one never been disappointed the reader is just awesome keep them coming as a truck driver your books rock thank you

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