Sold to the Alien Prince: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2018
4 hours 39 minutes

When I see her groped and humiliated at the auction house, I have no choice but to buy her. Even if a virgin human female costs as much as all the minerals on Fenda.

I don't care if it's against the rules, if the healers say our DNA isn't compatible. I'm the Crown Prince. I make the rules. I take what I want. And I want her.

She's my proper mate. I can feel it.

But first, I must claim her. I'll try to be gentle with my delicate little creature, but I don't know if I can . . .


I'm a Marked human female, bought and paid for. He can do anything he wants to me. This gigantic, muscled alien has total mastery over my body.

I've never done this before . . . with human or alien. I'm frightened, alone, and trembling but I can't help but imagine what it will feel like when this hulking creature takes me . . .

Why would I desire this brute? Even if he's the one who saved me. The only one to show me kindness.

All that stuff he said about bonding and mates, that's just alien superstition. It's not what's happening. Is it?

Contains mature themes.
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Tracey W.

I love the narrators but didn't care much for a lot of the story.

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I think the story has potential but it is really hard to like anything about their society. I definitely would not want to be apart of it. It also has a lot of triggers because their race is beat up, devalue and rape human women. Their is a nice little plot that kept me entertained but it does end on a cliffhanger as one of the other reviewers stated. I liked the male narrator but had a bit of trouble with the female. Her narration at times was choppy and robotic.

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the story needs some work.

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Sharon T.

is was ok, not one of the best books, the heroine hated the alien none minute, then was in love with him the next, was no in-between.

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Ashante Williams

story was ok and ended in a cliffhanger. the bad part about that is that the next book isn't a continuation of these two characters. so we don't know what happened to the prince and his mate. that sucks.

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Short but good!

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I like viki storms book and tried the audio it was good

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Great in every way

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