Snowstorm in August

Written by:
Marshall Karp

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
8 hours 31 minutes
The riveting new thriller from Marshall Karp, cocreator and coauthor, with James Patterson, of the #1 New York Times bestselling NYPD Red series


They call him el Carnicero—the Butcher. He is the most powerful drug lord on the planet, and when the city of New York incurs his wrath, he utters a single word: “¡Venganza!”

With military precision, he strafes Central Park with 4,000 pounds of cocaine, killing hundreds of innocent people enjoying a summer afternoon.

The only NYPD unit trained to go up against this level of terrorism has been disbanded, but four anonymous billionaires retaliate by recruiting a task force of highly decorated retired cops. Armed with cutting-edge technology, former NYPD captain Danny Corcoran leads his team in a pulse-pounding thriller in their battle to stop the enraged head of a Mexican cartel from raining more death on the city.
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Fun read.

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Trish P.

Great story

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Did not enjoy it and stop reading halfway through.

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Loved the narration. He enhanced the story and the appeal.

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Ashley K.

I enjoyed this book tremendously, I would highly recommend.

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Marcel L.

This was an excellent read/listen. The fight against an exceptionally evil foe keeps the reader intrigued and involved. Definitely worth it.

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KarenLynn M.

If you like NYPD RED you’ll love this story. The narration is top notch. Good job with the cast of characters. The protagonist reminds me of Nelson DeMille’s John Corey. Recommend .

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Matt M.

So good. Thanks to the VIP credit, I picked the book because I liked the title and now I am hooked on the author. So glad I did! Great story, fast paced and unfortunately plausible!! Yikes.

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Philip H.

Enjoyed the story but it somewhat beggars belief. The plot lines did not reflect what would actually occur if a citizen of Mexico in effect declared war on part of the USA. We have attacked other countries for less provocation. The author portrays federal, state and city governments as ineffectual, impotent organizations that have to rely on being saved by a small, privately funded group. Well, maybe they and our politicians are ineffectual and impotent, but that is another story entirely.

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Great story, bebeu creative. Narration could be a bit more clear, when representing certain characters, particularly the female ones.

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Elizabeth S.

I hope this becomes a series

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Loved it! I thought the storyline, and the narrators were great. This book kept me interested the whole way through til the end.

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Stephen R.

Excellent. I really enjoyed listening to this book. Great story with brilliant narration

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Ian M.

One of the best ever, loved the narration

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Patricia A V.

An intriguing title for a novel and the story didn’t disappoint. Conflict and resolution to the twists in the plot with some Inter side stories. The main character could easily head into a successful series if the author was so inclined. Narrators were excellent too.

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Joanne M.

I enjoyed this book & I thought the Narrator was good - would listen to other books from this author

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Beth P.

Loving this book it is excellent. The story is mind blowing

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Looking forward to sequel

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Darlene S.

Surprised by this one.....very fun to listen to. Unique story. Great narration

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William Troyk

pretty good

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