A Small Town Murder: The Complete Series 1-14

Written by:
Scott Cherry

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
15 hours 51 minutes
Meera Syal stars as family liaison officer Jackie Hartwell in this thrilling police procedural

West Midlands copper Jackie Hartwell has one of the toughest jobs in CID: comforting and supporting grieving relatives in the aftermath of a serious crime. But there's much more to what she does than providing tea and sympathy. Part social worker, part savvy investigator, she needs to be able to win the trust of families, while simultaneously keeping a watchful eye on their behaviour and reactions. Because often, the suspect she's searching for isn't far from home...

As an FLO, she's closer to the people involved than any of her colleagues, and can investigate in a way they can't. With her combination of empathy, intuition and razor-sharp observation, she's often the first to get to the truth - but sometimes, the truth can have tragic consequences. In these 14 series, we follow Jackie as she supports those caught up in nightmarish situations, such as murder, fatal accidents, abduction or a missing child. Some are harbouring secrets, others have a guilty conscience - but they're all victims, and they all need her help...

Written by Scott Cherry (Babblewick Hall) and starring Meera Syal as Jackie, with Matthew Marsh as DI Peter Sanders, this captivating crime drama features a host of well-known actors including Barbara Flynn, Lizzy McInnerny, Robert Glenister, Amanda Root, Ben Onwukwe and Ayesha Antoine.

Written by Scott Cherry
Produced and directed by Clive Brill
A Pacificus Production for BBC Radio 4 (Series 1-6)
A Brill Production for BBC Radio 4 (Series 7-14)

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(p) 2022 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd
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