Sleep Like a Baby: Discover the Secrets of Hypnosis for Deep Sleep

Sleep Like a Baby: Discover the Secrets of Hypnosis for Deep Sleep

Written by:
Antonio Jaimez
Narrated by:
Jackson Anderson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
4 hours 24 minutes
Discover how hypnosis will transform your life and allow you to sleep like a baby.

Do you find yourself struggling every night to fall asleep? Do you suffer from insomnia, nightmares or sleep apnea? If you've tried unsuccessfully to solve these problems, you may be feeling frustrated and desperate. The good news is that there is a solution you may not have considered before: hypnosis.

The problems that have led you to seek out this book

There are countless situations you may find yourself in due to lack of sleep. You may feel irritable, tired and have difficulty concentrating during the day. You may have tried other hypnosis books and therapies, but have not obtained the desired results. The reason for this is simple: most hypnosis books do not offer suggestions designed with the precision and effectiveness needed to get past the brain's critical factor and access the subconscious effectively.

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Hypnosis

This book is different because it relies on the incredible power of artificial intelligence's neural algorithm to design highly effective, precise, and powerful suggestions that resemble the way the subconscious processes information. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way hypnotherapies are going to be transformed by creating precise and highly effective scripts. For example, the Jaimez Method of self-hypnosis, even with eyes open, has enabled thousands of people to sleep like babies and improve their quality of life.

A unique and comprehensive approach to improving your sleep

This masterful read not only teaches you how hypnosis works, but also how to apply it in your daily life to solve your sleep problems. With specific chapters on releasing insomnia (Chapter 7), improving REM sleep quality (Chapter 8) and combating sleep apnea (Chapter 10), you'll find unique and valuable information not available in other hypnosis books.
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