Written by:
P. Dangelico
Narrated by:
Amelie Griffin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
10 hours 13 minutes
Amber Jones is in a pickle. And when I say pickle, I mean a world of trouble. She knew she shouldn't have gone to her ex's New Year's Eve party. And she reeeaally didn't mean to almost burn down his house. Now she needs a good lawyer, stat. But where to find one?

Ethan Vaughn is a very busy man. He really shouldn't have agreed to spring Amber Jones out of jail. As the most sought after lawyer in professional football, he needs to focus on representing his clients--not an accident prone, struggling actress.

Now she's remanded on bail and living in his house. The woman is a walking, talking category five hurricane. And considering his track record with women, he needs to stay as far away from this one as possible. Problem is, he may have found the one he's willing to risk it all for.
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