Written by:
David Dalglish
Narrated by:
Joe Knezevich

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2015
13 hours 0 minutes
The first in an all new fantasy series from USA TODAY Bestseller, David Dalglish

Six islands float high above the Endless Ocean, where humanity's final remnants are locked in brutal civil war.

Their parents slain in battle, twins Kael and Brenna Skyborn are training to be Seraphim, elite soldiers of aerial combat who wield elements of ice, fire, stone and lightning.

When the invasion comes, they will take to the skies, and claim their vengeance.
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Christie N.

I really enjoyed this audiobook. I liked another of Dalglish’s series, but couldn’t move on to the next related series because I disliked the narration. However, the narration for Skyborn was very good, Like the other Dalglish series that I read, the plot and Characters started out pretty basic, almost one-dimensional, almost an amalgamation of common scifi/fantasy characters that we come to expect when reading these genres. . But once everything is set up, that goes away. The plot, the characters and their relationships become more complex and unique, and are never static. And then you’re hooked. I think the book is well suited for younger readers because it isn’t nightmarishly violent as some of his other stuff and it is pretty light on adult subject matter. At the same time, the absence of these things did not take away from the book in any way or make it read like a pure YA book. The protagonists are not perfect; they actually live with the consequences of their mistakes; and they struggle with their own well established belief systems and sense of morality derived from them. And of course, the cliffhanger compelled me buy and start listening to the next book immediately after finishing this one.

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Kristen Simler

Very unique idea for a storyline! Floating islands at war over the need for crystals, controlled by the unknown bad or good central island.The twins have a great sibling relationship and a witty repertoire throughout the book! It was a fun listen. The narrator did a wonderful job, thoroughly enjoyed him.

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