Six Feet Apart: Love In Quarantine

Six Feet Apart: Love In Quarantine

Written by:
Elena Greyrock
Narrated by:
Lucas Allen , Tamika Simone
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
3 hours 38 minutes
Passion is contagious in this offbeat, humorous journey making life in the pandemic a little more bearable.

In a futuristic world of self-driving cars, drone aircraft, and robo-bartenders, Luna, a reluctant, wanna-be influencer meets Stryker, a mysterious undiscovered musician. Their lives change in ways that keep you guessing. He is self absorbed, and thinks the world revolves around him. She is beautiful, yet shy, and struggles with attention.

A quirky character, Luna's voice is fresh and bubbly. Follow the hilarity and complexities of Luna and Stryker’s relationship unfold among uncertain times--who will find redemption? Featuring original songs!

When Luna and Stryker’s worlds suddenly collide, all bets are off. And as the pandemic rages on, this tempestuous pair come down with a serious case of lust. Opposites attract, and anything can happen in this engaging love story.

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

'A timely and quirky romance novel...featuring plenty of mishaps and face masks, Six Feet Apart is a charming, COVID-inflected romance about love during an unending lockdown.'

Claire Foster, Clarion Book Review 
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