Sink or Swim

#2 of Relic
Written by:
Maz Maddox
Narrated by:
Kirt Graves

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
7 hours 1 minute
Trapped on a cruise ship with a man I absolutely hate is not how I wanted to spend this fake honeymoon. Especially when my 'fiance' has a deadly ex on the same boat.

Jackson is everything I'm not: brash, careless, and a former fossil thief. But he's my ticket to getting what I want-the original Spinosaurus fossils that have been lost for decades. Now I have to play the part, win the fossils, and try not to kill him in the process.

The danger of being caught, tortured, or killed isn't what scares me.

Navigating the waters of this fake relationship is threatening to pull me under.

And I'm terrified of sinking.

Contains mature themes.
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C. H.

I swear everything Kirt Graves narrates is gold. He elevates the story with his excellent narration, and I once again enjoyed his talent with this story. He is definitely my favorite narrator, and he delivered once again.

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Rachel W.

Sink or Swim is the follow up to the AMAZING Smash and Grab (seriously, one of my top books from 2020) and I LOVED IT! Maz has written such a unique world - you won’t read another thing like it. In this series, dinosaurs are shifters and they survived the extinction and are how human. And a team of shifters - RELIC, are out looking for fossils to preserve their history in legitimate means - in museums and true preservation means - rather than with private greedy collectors. It sounds crazy but PLEASE try it! This is Baha’s story - and he is grumpy grump personified, and I loved it. He has to work with Jackson - a cocky shifter who isn't on their team - to bring back some Spinosauraus fossils. I just LOVED their snark and chemistry and all that UST. They weren’t exactly true “enemies” but they definitely had animosity-to-lovers feels. Pair that up with close quarters, fun swimming times, one bed, AND having to pull off a fake relationship? PERFECT TROPES! There’s danger, exes, some fun night time swimming, and there are some moments that hit you right in the feels as Baha and Jackson grow closer. I just loved it. Kirt does such a great job with this book - I love his voice, that gravel-y buttery tone. I really enjoy the books that he narrates and this is no exception. I can't wait for the third book - my favorite in the series so far - to hear that in audio!

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Xochitl G.

Amazing series!! Now in this book 2, the author showed us her expertise in world building. More about an unique type of shifter, endearing characters and a very entertaining plot, this book is wonderful, Baha and Jackson had a lot of chemistry and the banter between them is hilarious and well managed by the author. Now, lately I had the opportunity to also hear the wonderful narration Mr Graves made of this book. I am a huge fan of his work, and the way he performed in the audiobook was simply amazing, with an outstanding acting skills giving the characters voice that brought them truly alive. Great addition to the series, narrated beautifully. I strongly recommend to hear it while reading the ebook, It would be a blast!

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Susan B.

I had read this book first and really enjoyed it but I think the audiobook is even better!! Just hearing Kirt Graves as Baja was great. I loved when Baja cusses and now everytime I'm swearing up a storm in my head I'm doing it in Baja's Egyptian accent. So funny. Baja makes such a great grump. Jackson, a man after my own heart, is annoyingly happy which pisses off Baja even more. I love the shifting dinosaurs. The fossil thieves story. It's all fun. A great read and a great listen!!!

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Samantha T.

I loved it! RELIC is on another mission to rescue some fossils and this time they get some assistance from Jackson, a cocky cowboy. Baha and Jackson end up in Portugal and that's where the excitement begins. There is heat, danger, and humor in this book and they all blend together seamlessly to make a fantastic story. I really enjoyed the rivalry, and eventually friendship, between Jackson and Baha. I also got several laughs from old and new characters, which for me is a key element in my enjoyment of a book. I love books that can make me laugh and Maz delivers. I feel like I learned something from this book too, as well as the previous one. This book was delightful and the narration was even better!

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Kelly H.

I enjoyed this fun and entertaining story, although it was a little slow to start. Once the cruise and the auctions and the action started, it really ramped up, and I was glued the the speakers to hear what was going to happen. I loved the courting ritual and dinosaurs falling in love (against their will. LOL) Overall, a fun and exciting tale. The narration was very good, with distinct voices and affectations for every character.

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Ida U.

How can you not love a book that teaches you about dinosaurs in an entertaining way and delivers a lighthearted take on the grumpy/sunshine, fake relationship and enemies to lovers tropes? Loved the story and the characters and can't wait for more in this series. Kirt Graves is the perfect narrator for this series. He "gets" the humour and gives it to us in his performance as well as doing a superb job with the more serious moments and action.

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Erryn B.

This is my third shifter book in a row and I have to admit this one was a bit different. Dinosaur shifters. Creatures that survived the asteroid strike 65 million years ago and have recently become human but still have the ability to shirt. Okay, so interesting premise. Two of these shifters – Jackson and Baha – join together to rescue a relic. Now, Baha belongs to an organization dedicated to recovering fossils from his original time period. When he’s paired with Jackson, he’s not pleased. When Jackson tries to pass them off as engaged, things get really interesting. I really wanted to enjoy this book – and parts were interesting – but it felt like much of the book was unnecessary intrigue. Like we were killing time until the main showdown. But this is just my opinion – others have loved everything about the book – so I encourage you to try if the premise interests you. Now I love Kirt Graves as a narrator and I thought he did a good job with this one. Definitely one of the more original books I’ve read recently.

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Maz Maddox's RELIC series is a whole lotta dino-rific fun! Action, adventure, romance..., and some heartfelt introspection from the p.o.v. of prehistoric creatures as well. Sink or Swim has a different vibe to it than the first book, Smash & Grab. An enemies to lovers story (and two alphalicious guys to boot!), this one has edge of your seat tension and a creative treasure heist mystery which I loved. Both novels are performed by the marvelous Kirt Graves, who does a simply spectacular job with both of them!

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The second book in the Relic series, Sink or Swim is just as action-packed and humorous as its predecessor. Although this book is part of a series, it can easily stand on its own, but I truly recommend reading the first book in the series to fully enjoy the wild ride this series has become. The plot is a standard undercover/fake relationship trope mixed with danger and adventure which makes for a delightful and exciting story. However, the real gem of this novel are the two main characters: Jackson and Baha. Their electric, spicy banter and enemies-to-lovers relationship made them instant favorites. The audiobook was narrated by Kirt Graves who did a fantastic job with the narration. Kirt’s voice is extremely versatile and he nailed each character perfectly.

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Donna L.

I loved this book, Dinosaur shifters, that have been around as long as the world. Grumpy Baha isn't impressed with the Cowboy Jackson, who can get him in to buy a Dinosaur fossil.They need to go on a Cruise with Jackson's Ex, where Jackson says Baha is his fiance, it is fun watching them work through there feelings. I loved Colin's character. Kirt gets the characters accents, down so well. Cant wait for book 3

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Xanthe A.

I absolutely love this series! It is so much fun to read with interesting characters and entertaining plots. We met Baha in book one, Smash and Grab, and he's known for being ever so slightly grumpy but when he has to work with Jackson to recover a fossil at an auction on a cruise, well let's just say no one gets to him quite like that man does and it leads to some anger/lust/frustration inducing sentiments. Jackson is fully aware of how he makes Baha feel and just winds up doing things to annoy him more because, why not? They may start out as enemies, at least as far as Baha concerned, but they soon have to learn to trust and work together to get what they came for and get off of that cruise alive with Jackson's ex being the owner and man behind the auction. There is a lot of trading coming from Jackson as he tries to make the best of the situation, not at all trying to take it on Baha whilst Baha mostly just wants to be left alone until he has the chance to buy the fossil and leave. The author really has me imagining these men in their dinosaur forms whenever they have the chance to shift, the sense of freedom and light they have shines through as does the author's enjoyment of writing them. It does make me sad and shine a light on the illegal theft and trade of fossils and artifacts, these things are not these to be profited from. I I had such fun reading this and am totally in love with Baha, grumpiness and all! I loved the story from start to finish and look forward to the next book. Kirt is quickly becoming a favourite narrator. I love how he brings the individual character personalities to life and gets me really engaged in the story. Definitely a recommended listen!

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Nichole R.

What is better than reading shifter books about dinosaurs? There isn't much! I love that there are different types of dinosaurs - all well described and adding to the story line. But the differences in dinosaurs are only part of the story. The human portions of these characters come across - whether a grumpy Baha or the cowboy ways of Jackson. Listening to this book Kirt does an amazing job of differentiating the characters both by accents and inflections. The pairing of author story to narrator was perfect! Looking forward to the next story.

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Debbie S.

This is another home run for Maz Maddox! I fell in love with the first book so I couldn’t wait to listen to this one. Baha is a dinosaur shifter who works protecting fossils. He’s teamed up with Jackson to go on a cruise to win some rare fossils. Baha can’t stand Jackson and to make things worse Jackson tells everyone they are engaged! Of course things don’t go smoothly for the 2 of them… This story has action, humor, a bit of suspense and some hot sexy times! This is a great series and I love that it’s dinosaurs! Such a different take on shifters. Kirt Graves is amazing as usual. I could listen to him narrator anything! I can’t wait for the next book to come out on audio!

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Amy M.

I am a fan of shifter stories, so add in dinos too?! Absolutely count me in! I love this series! Baha and Jackson may not like each other at first but they quickly realize they are on the same side and have a bad guy fossil smuggler to take down. They need each other to pull it off. I am also a fan of the narrator Kirt Graves. His characterizations are on point and he is fun to listen to. Highly recommend!

Sink or Swim
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Sink or Swim
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Sink or Swim
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Sink or Swim

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